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Development tools for VSCode

For those of us who would rather use vscode rather than eclipse, is there any kind of support coming in any capacity? By that I mean tools like the IIQDA, and an SSB equivalent that uses modern tools that work with vscode, such as maven. Also it w...
9 months ago in Developer Tools 0 New Idea

Transfrom Evaluator

It is a tedious process to upload a transform and keep previewing the transform outcome, and iterate the whole process even for a spelling mistake. It would be great if we have a transform evaluator which can take the base input of the transform a...
6 months ago in Developer Tools 2 New Idea

v3 API for creating identity profiles

Some customers want the ability to be able to create an IDN environment from scratch, for testing/sandbox scenarios. The lack of an API for creating identity profiles hinders the ability to create these types of IDN environments. Here's a discussi...
12 months ago in APIs 0 Planned

Filter event triggers on other attributes

Per this post in the forum: It would be useful to be able to filter events based on attributes not present in the payload, but related to the res...
6 months ago in Event Triggers 0 New Idea

Admin control over End User UI dashboard

It would be great if an admin could have the capability to hide some of the items from the dashboard the same way a user is able to select which items to show in the dashboard. For example in our case we would like to hide the password reset optio...
7 months ago in APIs 0 New Idea

Access to Hidden Admin Portal

I was on a call with a CSM, quite a while back and I recall them (accidentally) showing a screen which was a hidden-backdoor admin portal. In this portal, they had the ability to control many many operations within the org, ie: Start Stop Aggregat...
4 months ago in Developer Tools 1 New Idea

API to get Governance group of specific identity

We currently have to get list of governance groups and also get members of specific group. We should have v3 apis for same and also more importantly there should be some way to get list of groups ...
12 months ago in APIs 2 Planned

API to reset specific object on source

At this moment, if we want to remove accounts or entitlements from source then we need to use legacy api which can either remove all accounts or all entitlements or both. We need an api which can remove specific group types and not all groups. Thi...
7 months ago in APIs 0 New Idea

API for entitlements

Based on this community post, we need a public API that retrieves entitlements for a source as well parent entitlements.
11 months ago in APIs 0 New Idea

Less Level of manger for access request reminder mail

Dear sailpoint, my idea is related the access request reminder mail. the actual process involve 3 level of manager and in a little company is no sense to escalate to the CEO for a missing approval for a request made for a employee, now are involve...
18 days ago in 0 New Idea