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Access Certifications - "Refine" entitlements by second search to get around 3000 result limit in the UI

Most larger IdN customers will run into the 3000 result limit when creating an identity access certification filtered on specific criteria (limit the scope to a single source, exclude a source, specific entitlements, etc). The only way around this...
22 days ago in Developer Tools 0 New Idea

Elevated access segregation for IDN admin access (HR access for immediate offboarding)

Global HR team need to have access to perform the confidential immediate off-boarding on an identity without informing anyone. There should be a view for HR or user access level for HR to perform this activity. Giving them Org_Admin is a very risk...
4 months ago in 0 New Idea

v3 API for creating identity profiles

Some customers want the ability to be able to create an IDN environment from scratch, for testing/sandbox scenarios. The lack of an API for creating identity profiles hinders the ability to create these types of IDN environments. Here's a discussi...
about 1 year ago in APIs 0 Planned

All of Group of admins to Saving and Share a set of reports in the Search function of IdentityNow

AT this point in the Search function each users saved searches etc. are available just for them. It would be extremely beneficial if a group of admins or other groups in IDN could save a common set of reports that were used by themselves or the bu...
4 months ago in 0 New Idea

API to reset specific object on source

At this moment, if we want to remove accounts or entitlements from source then we need to use legacy api which can either remove all accounts or all entitlements or both. We need an api which can remove specific group types and not all groups. Thi...
10 months ago in APIs 0 New Idea

Fire and Forget - Non Delivery (HTTP Response 399+) notifications/handling

I am new to SailPoint. I may not understand event triggers fully, so apologies if I am misunderstanding things. Someone told me that Fire and Forget triggers do not have any sort of non delivery notification. (Throw the message over the wall. if s...
3 months ago in Event Triggers 0 New Idea

Add more filterable fields to the GET /v3/accounts API

It would be extremely helpful if the GET /v3/accounts API provided more fields to filter on so we can fine tune our search queries. Given that there is a hard limit of 10,000 records in a query, and many sources will contain well over 10,000 accou...
2 months ago in APIs 0 New Idea

Activity Log - Add Sorting to "Created" timestamp

Today, you can only sort on TriggerID, not particularly useful. We need to be able to sort on event timestamp (Created).
5 months ago in Event Triggers 0 New Idea

V3 API to Manage Admin Permissions

Per this forum discussion, it would be nice to have a v3 API for granting/revoking the various admin roles for an identity.
10 months ago in APIs 0 New Idea

API to get Governance group of specific identity

We currently have to get list of governance groups and also get members of specific group. We should have v3 apis for same and also more importantly there should be some way to get list of groups ...
about 1 year ago in APIs 2 Planned