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Support for additional scripting and compiled languages (i.e. groovy, kotlin)

Beanshell is showing its age quite a bit, and I think it would be nice if IdentityIQ supported additional languages. Note I'm not asking to remove Beanshell support, but to make additional scripting languages allowable. In the XML tags in things l...
8 months ago in APIs 0 New Idea

create dynamic rows to save sources connection parameters for various Databases in IdentityNow

We are having some 400+ different Oracle DB’s installed in various servers. We are planning to have a single source connector hence require single UI/XML form where we can add username, password and Database URL for multiple DB’s. Just similar to ...
3 months ago in 0 New Idea

Native Auto Versioning for JSON

Clients have indicated a need for rollbacks on updated configurations. It would be great to roll back to a previous version of config via API if needed. Also add feature to archive and delete old versions on a periodical base.
5 months ago in APIs 0 New Idea

v3 API to get list of all identities and specific identity using the id

At this moment we have v1 apis for this but they are deprecated so cannot be used in scripting or any other purpose. Current api to get identities list: /cc/api/user/list Current api to get specific identiy details: /cc/api/user/get The use case h...
about 1 year ago in APIs 3 Planned

HTTP Digest Auth support in IdentityNow

at present, IdentityNow supports Basic Auth, OAuth2.0, API Token, and no/custom auth. There are several services that I want to integrate with IdentityNow that rely upon HTTP Digest authentication as their authentication vector. Request could go e...
3 months ago in APIs 0 New Idea

API update datestamp on

It would be extremely helpful to have a "Last updated" date(time) stamp on the pages where you can download the API Swagger files on so people can see at a glance whether/when anything has changed so they know if they need ...
about 1 year ago in APIs 0 Planned

Manual work item override to individual identity instead of Application owner

Hi, I have a requirement to send the Manual Request items to the users selected. As a result, I have added a managed attribute which is used for selecting the users. These users will be sent the manual request items for that particular entitlement...
4 months ago in 0 New Idea

config for approval expiration

There is an API for setting global reminder/escalation configs ( but it would be nice for there to be a way to set a global expiration (e.g., if no one responds for 2 w...
about 1 year ago in APIs 0 New Idea

Easier API for setting an identity's lifecycle state

It currently takes 6 API calls to private APIs in order to set the lifecycle state of an identity . It would be nice to have a V3 API for setting the lifecycle state of an identity in fewer calls.
5 months ago in APIs 0 New Idea

/beta/segments/segment_id API returns very limited data

We were suggest to use this API endpoint by support to verify the Segment configuration done on the UI, but this is not possible with this API endpoint as it returns quite limited amount of data. At minimum we wanted to have "Number of access prof...
6 months ago in APIs 0 New Idea