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Allowing Groups with Emojis in name

We are currently experiencing issues with our Active Directory group aggregations. It turns out the cause of the issue is that the group names and descriptions contain emojis/emoticons. As emojis become more prevalent in the workspace, are there a...
6 months ago in 0 New Idea

Plugin Page should pass along parameters other than pn to the Plugin page

URL to a plugin is: https://[Server IP]/identityiq/plugins/pluginPage.jsf?pn=[Plugin Name] pluginPage.jsf will point to page.xhtml of the plugin. But currently any additional parameters are discarded by pluginPage.jsf. I'd like to be able to pass ...
about 1 year ago in APIs 0 New Idea

In IIQ, Customization rules should clean up their classloader context

In IIQ, when called from an aggregation, Customization rules are configured the Connector classloader. This allows access to connector-specific libraries, which is as intended. However, the classloader is permanently associated with the BSFManager...
about 1 year ago in APIs 0 Idea Refinement

"completed" field in Campaign schema

Per this forum discussion (, it would be very helpful if the /campaigns endpoint contained a field called "completed" that is populated with the date/time of when t...
7 months ago in APIs 0 New Idea

Eliminate the need to refresh roles after aggregation

Currently in order for entitlements to appear in certifications we need to run an Identity Refresh task with correlateEntitlements=true or check off the corresponding option in the account aggregation task. This creates the "Exceptions" section on...
11 months ago in 0 New Idea

Simplify the IIQ upgrade process and spt_database_version table

Currently in order to upgrade you need to execute a sequence of commands like: 1) Update DB with an upgrade script (upgrade_identityiq_tables.sql) 2) Run "iiq upgrade" command then do the patch update: 3) Upgrade DB with upgrade_identityiq_tables-...
11 months ago in 0 New Idea

Allow multiple tenants to use a single AWS account ID

Our AWS environment is setup to differentiate the Sandbox and production environmentsbased on different VPC Setup, so, the VPC for the sandbox cannot talk to the VPC (s) used for prod. They only have a single AWS Account ID, which has no way to di...
about 1 year ago in Event Triggers 2 New Idea

In IIQ, Customization rules should have access to plugin packages

Customization rules run in the context of the Connector classloader, which allows access to the various custom connector classes, but does NOT allow access to plugin-exposed Java packages. This should not be the case. I should be able to access bo...
about 1 year ago in APIs 1 Idea Refinement

[Copy] Development tools for VSCode

For those of us who would rather use vscode rather than eclipse, is there any kind of support coming in any capacity? By that I mean tools like the IIQDA, and an SSB equivalent that uses modern tools that work with vscode, such as maven. Also it w...
20 days ago in Developer Tools 0 New Idea

IIQ-Move Ad Account Cross domain

Hi, it would be great if there would be an ootb feature to move ad accounts cross domain
3 months ago in 0 New Idea