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Transfrom Evaluator

It is a tedious process to upload a transform and keep previewing the transform outcome, and iterate the whole process even for a spelling mistake. It would be great if we have a transform evaluator which can take the base input of the transform and process the whole transform.

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  • Nov 29 2021
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    6 Jul 12:40pm

    Check out This VS code extension has the ability to evaluate transforms.

  • Guest commented
    27 Jan 10:42pm

    Another idea is to be able to debug each step of the transform. I have found myself creating smaller transforms and using references just to know what intermediate values are.

  • Guest commented
    30 Nov, 2021 01:15pm

    I had the exact same idea. The development flow of transforms is very tedious, with no feedback on if the transform will work before uploading it. Transform logic can get complicated very fast! I was thinking about a UI tool within the IDN UI that allows you to build transforms and get instant feedback on syntax and output.

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