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Access to Hidden Admin Portal

I was on a call with a CSM, quite a while back and I recall them (accidentally) showing a screen which was a hidden-backdoor admin portal. In this portal, they had the ability to control many many operations within the org, ie: Start Stop Aggregations, Start Stop Background Tasks etc. If I'm not mistaken, the url was similar to I would like to know, why we there is no access provided to that hidden page. The usefulness to see and control background tasks seems like something that would be included in the cost for Identitynow. I'd like to submit this allowance as a feature request.

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  • Jan 21 2022
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    25 Jul 01:17pm

    A secret portal, I think we'd all find that intriguing. What could possibly be in that secret portal that is more dangerous than the functionality available through the APIs...

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    3 Mar 01:24pm

    I'd be interested in knowing what functionality is permitted through the admin portal being referred to. Is this something that someone from SailPoint can comment on?

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