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HTTP Digest Auth support in IdentityNow

at present, IdentityNow supports Basic Auth, OAuth2.0, API Token, and no/custom auth. There are several services that I want to integrate with IdentityNow that rely upon HTTP Digest authentication as their authentication vector. Request could go e...
5 days ago in APIs 0 New Idea

Make ownsCount searchable on Identities

This would allow you to quickly get a list of identities that own at least one role or access profile (assuming that's what this field means) rather than having to search through thousands of Roles and APs then filtering out duplicate names
12 days ago in APIs 0 New Idea

Admin control over End User UI dashboard

It would be great if an admin could have the capability to hide some of the items from the dashboard the same way a user is able to select which items to show in the dashboard. For example in our case we would like to hide the password reset optio...
7 months ago in APIs 0 New Idea

v3 API for creating identity profiles

Some customers want the ability to be able to create an IDN environment from scratch, for testing/sandbox scenarios. The lack of an API for creating identity profiles hinders the ability to create these types of IDN environments. Here's a discussi...
12 months ago in APIs 0 Planned

API to reset specific object on source

At this moment, if we want to remove accounts or entitlements from source then we need to use legacy api which can either remove all accounts or all entitlements or both. We need an api which can remove specific group types and not all groups. Thi...
7 months ago in APIs 0 New Idea

Sailpoint IdentityNow to support HMAC Authentication

We have an application (named Veracode) which uses HMAC for Authentication and I would like SailPoint IdentityNow to support an integration with such application. Please vote for this Idea. Here is a link to Vercode's Documentation
4 months ago in APIs 0 New Idea

ServiceNow Service Catalog integration - approval workflow customization

The ServiceNow Service Catalog integration module has an approval workflow (only manager) which does not suffice for most of the implementations. Customizaitons are done to the approval workflow in servicenow to meet requirements. However, if some...
6 months ago in APIs 0 New Idea

API to get Governance group of specific identity

We currently have to get list of governance groups and also get members of specific group. We should have v3 apis for same and also more importantly there should be some way to get list of groups ...
12 months ago in APIs 2 Planned

Request form Custom Attributes

Hi Team, Need feature to allow request form customization. It is standard IGA tool feature that allow customizing Request form fields. This form fields typically can be used to collect additional account attributes or operational attributes that c...
5 months ago in APIs 0 New Idea

V3 API to Manage Admin Permissions

Per this forum discussion, it would be nice to have a v3 API for granting/revoking the various admin roles for an identity.
7 months ago in APIs 0 New Idea