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Transfrom Evaluator

It is a tedious process to upload a transform and keep previewing the transform outcome, and iterate the whole process even for a spelling mistake. It would be great if we have a transform evaluator which can take the base input of the transform a...
6 months ago in Developer Tools 2 New Idea

Development tools for VSCode

For those of us who would rather use vscode rather than eclipse, is there any kind of support coming in any capacity? By that I mean tools like the IIQDA, and an SSB equivalent that uses modern tools that work with vscode, such as maven. Also it w...
9 months ago in Developer Tools 0 New Idea

Access to Hidden Admin Portal

I was on a call with a CSM, quite a while back and I recall them (accidentally) showing a screen which was a hidden-backdoor admin portal. In this portal, they had the ability to control many many operations within the org, ie: Start Stop Aggregat...
4 months ago in Developer Tools 1 New Idea