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Event Triggers

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Event triggers for role creation and role updates

External system need to take action based on a role create and updated. The same requirement can extended to Access profiles and Entitlement.
13 days ago in Event Triggers 0 New Idea

Filter event triggers on other attributes

Per this post in the forum: It would be useful to be able to filter events based on attributes not present in the payload, but related to the res...
8 months ago in Event Triggers 0 New Idea

Fire and Forget - Non Delivery (HTTP Response 399+) notifications/handling

I am new to SailPoint. I may not understand event triggers fully, so apologies if I am misunderstanding things. Someone told me that Fire and Forget triggers do not have any sort of non delivery notification. (Throw the message over the wall. if s...
3 months ago in Event Triggers 0 New Idea

Activity Log - Add Sorting to "Created" timestamp

Today, you can only sort on TriggerID, not particularly useful. We need to be able to sort on event timestamp (Created).
5 months ago in Event Triggers 0 New Idea

Allow multiple tenants to use a single AWS account ID

Our AWS environment is setup to differentiate the Sandbox and production environmentsbased on different VPC Setup, so, the VPC for the sandbox cannot talk to the VPC (s) used for prod. They only have a single AWS Account ID, which has no way to di...
about 1 year ago in Event Triggers 2 New Idea